Hung Gar Kung Fu. Gong Gee Fook Fu Kune Form

Hung Gar Kung Fu. Gong Gee Fook Fu Kune Form

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Sifu CANGELOSI this work delves into the energy aspect of HungGar, one of the most comprehensive external styles due to its highlevel of expertise and deep knowledge of Chi Kung. CANGELOSIanalyzes the first stop of the way Gee Fook Fu Gong Kune, the oldestof Hung Gar, the Kow Loon Tiuet Kiu or "Nine Dragon Iron Bridges,"sequences that link the most important techniques of the style, withnew breaths Dragon, developing the inner strength to turn it intophysical strength and martial technique, application, explanation ofhow energy exercises and Iron Corps. An extensive work undoubtedlyof great interest to students and experts.




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