Full Contact & Kick Boxing On the Ring

Full Contact & Kick Boxing  On the Ring

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Do you want to be a mediocre competitor or a champion?  Here is a video that makes the difference.  Learn  the secrets of the ring from one of the great experts in arts and combat sports recognized worldwide.  Mariano Anton Hurtado, is the President of the Spanish Federation of Kick-Boxing (F.E.K.B), and author of various videos about Full Contact and Kick-Boxing.  He publishes everything related to teaching, training and promotion of these arts. The training methods and techniques in this video, are the result of an infinity of fighting situations, tried and tested adecuately and years of studies and analysis.  They are the enclosed knowledge and teachings of Mariano Anton which made him a winner of lots of sports tornaments, such as, Champion of Spain, Champion of Europe and second place in the world´s Championship.




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