Lameco Eskrima. Solo-Bastón. Single Stick

Lameco Eskrima. Solo-Bastón. Single Stick

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In this DVD Guro Dave Gould presents us with the effective “Solo-Baston” of Lameco Eskrima. Learn the secrets of Punong Guro Edgar G. Sulite as we focus on the fundamentals of his unique combat effective Pilipino fighting system better known to the world as Lameco Eskrima. In watching this DVD the viewer will be meticulously guided through essential single stick work such as starting positions, weapon nomenclature, striking, recovery, range, line of engagement & the importance of training with & without protective equipment. In addition the viewer will explore in-depth the transitional range of “Largo-Medio” where the techniques, principles and concepts of “Ikis”, “Plansada”, “Pahandag” & “Kali-Saez” (Meteoric strikes) will be presented, discussed & trained in great detail. After which Guro Dave Gould will introduce for self exploration how to develop effective perception & reaction and essential non-telegraphic striking. We end the DVD with the very effective “Hand sparring” progression of Lameco Eskrima. A must see for any Pilipino Warrior Art enthusiast or Martial Artist who takes their training seriously.




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