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Pro, Military & Police
DVD Professional Self Defense, Military, Police, Security, Tonfa, Telescopic Baton, Bodyguard, Kokkar, Reality Based, Jim Wagner ; Reality Based Ground attacks ; Combat Knife Commando ; Professional Bodyguard ; Reality Based. Conflict Exercises ; Reality Based. Multiple Attackers ; Kokkar Anti-Terrorism Advanced Tactics ; Self Pro Krav ; R O S Real Operational System ; Canadian Bodyguard Defensive Tactics ; Police Jukaikido ; SWAT International Weapon Retention ; Commando Combat Knife Assault ; Metric Leg Strikes & Blocks System ; Operational Locks. Self Defense Pro ; Reality Based. American Baton Police Tactics ; Advanced Professional Tonfa ; Reality Based Self Defense ; Reality Based. Knife Attacks from around the World ; Police Self Defense ; Police Commando ; Europol Intervention Techniques ; Police Tonfa ; Reality Based Police & Security Arrest & Control ; Reality Based Training with Air Guns ; Kokkar Kenpo ; Operational Tonfa ; Police Weapons ; Scuba Fighting ; Kokkar Especial Combat Black Cobra II Vol.1 ; kokkar Special Combat Black Cobra II Vol.2 ; Reality Based Defensive Tactics ; Advanced Police Jukaikido ; Police Telescopic Baton ; Kokkar Handgun Defensive Tactics ; Reality Based Police Ground Tactics ; Kaisendo Police Control ; Self Pro Krav. Knife Defense ; Professional Self Defense ; Hidden Weapons Professional Self defense ; Professional Tonfa ; Bodyguard Dynamic Training ; Reality Based. Police & Military Knife Offense ; Reality Based Police & Military Knife Defense ; Police Kaisendo. Handcuff Defense ; Bodyguard The Canadian Way Double Impact Protection ; Metric Arm Strikes & Blocks System ; Police Grappling ; Reality Based. Protecting the Others ; Police Kaisendo. Dim Mak. Pressure Points ; Commando Krav Maga Street Survival ; Combat Survival Krav Maga ; Police Kobudo




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